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Lilo Blyton

Sydney Australia

Fiddlecat has over 40 years experience as a performer and can play at any function for you ranging from specialties in Irish gigs,Bush Dances,Corporate Functions including styles in Celticfolk,country,jazz and Australiana.

Over the years Fiddlecat has been performing with bands,(Claddagh,Blackwater,Murrumbidgee Rattlers,Inland Navigators,Simply Bushed,Speewah,Folk From Oz,Paragon Cafe, Phaedra, Tangled Up In Bob (Bob Dylan Tribute Show Dave Debs,Self Tort) to name a few -duos (Cat & Fiddle/Steph Miller) and as a soloist doing her own Irish Show spots......highlights as a fiddler have been at major Australian National and State Folk Festivals,Old Sydney Town,as a violinist in Ensembles,corporate gigs for the Australiana tourist industry(Argyle Tavern) and Irish Tourist Board ;educational shows around metropolitan and interstate primary & high schools in performance program for Musica Viva and numerous Irish Pub gigs and Club Shows.

In 2013 Fiddlecat was part of SELF TORT (Brian Keavil Ralston) the band who won the Sydney finals of EXHUMED (James Valentine) series @ The Basement.

Fiddlecat travelled to FIDDLES OF THE WORLD in Canada ,July 1999 and more recently to America in July 2015 to be part of O'CONNOR METHOD String Camp Maine.

Why us?

As a performer of many,many years and also now a teacher of THE O'CONNOR METHOD-A New American School of String Playing....

I am bringing fiddle music to next generations so that they have fun with the music as they learn different genres and may play whichever style they choose to in the future.